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              V Garuda team focuses on the exact requirement and organizes the content in a way to have the best reach. We go through the trend and based on the Social media analytics we catch hold of the key frames where it can be showcast for greater reach.
White Sheet

Social Media Management

An objective of utilizing social media platforms for promotions is to ensure that the content that is pushed across is efficient in conveying the message, interesting to the audience, and consists of more than just a call to action. 

We believe in creating interactive content that stays with the audience, adds value and keeps them hooked.

We go a step further in making it look aesthetically appealing as well. 

Keeping all this in mind, we handle the different social media platforms on requirement and help in creating online personas that promise the kind of feedback you set out to achieve.

Public Relations

We understand the ever-evolving nature of the Public Relations industry, and in alignment to that, we craft strategies & storytelling that are an eclectic mix of reputation management, business augmentation and pitching positive stories. 

Our aim is to deliver credibility via our media plans and connections across various segments. We are here to help you and your brand to establish in the diverse current industry and help them create their niche through effective PR positioning.

Talent Management

To be able to target all possible groups through a plethora of talents, we are constantly on the lookout to increase our list of influencers, and keep bringing fresh faces to the table, that will further enunciate our reach and then managing them all to the best of our capabilities. 

This ensures we have the right idea for every purpose and facilitates smooth functioning and execution of each campaign and task that comes our way.

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